Value Added Services

Few things which have been added to enrich the learning experience to the students in my class. Constant motivation and guidance, life experiences and many success stories to not only learn physics but to gather immense knowledge to face life with courage and determination.

Parent teacher meetings

you call it old school, but it works! It is important that parents join hands with their children to motivate and help them to reach their goals. After every term test, every three months parents will be given notice to meet the lecturer. Parents are given the outright opportunity to question the student’s progress and in addition, seek methods to help their child to improve. Since I have studied Education Psychology, it is my ability to guide both the parent and the student to face this hurdle successfully. Let it be coping up with stress or handling constant laziness and sleepiness, there’s a method to deal with it.

Personalized Study Plans

After the tests to evaluate students, their positives and negatives will be noted, and personalized study plan will be given. A time table will be made per the skills of the students and the maximum amount of work to be done will be quoted. For this, a self evaluation sheet will be provided where students can evaluate themselves. It is important to keep track of the amount of work done and the efforts put in. After all, that is the foolproof way to tell yourself that you are going to win this battle!

Scholarship Program and Support Sessions

A programme was initiated where the extra bright students have the ability to join the senior class and be able to complete the syllabus before one year. Recommendations will be given by the lecturer, but it’s up to the student to decide whether to take up the challenge or not. For slow students, support sessions will be conducted and are allowed to join the junior batch and re-evaluate themselves. It’s another chance for all those who bunked first year!