I, Sanjeewa Dharmawardhana graduated from University of Moratuwa as an Engineering graduate in 2004. I joined MAS holdings as a management trainee for the department of research and development. It certainly drained my energy since it wasn’t challenging or creative! I decided to change my profession. Actually I decided to build a career for myself. Teaching is something I’m fascinated about and challenges me every single day. Most of all, it’s massively self-satisfying.


“Physics is not just a subject. It is the about understanding the life we live. So, my vision is to make students love Physics and let them Live in Physics.”

With this vision, I want my students to learn how to face challenges in life and live fruitfully.


“Engineers can produce anything other than another engineer or a doctor, but a teacher can do.”

My mission is to do what an engineer cannot do. That is to produce more doctors and engineers. Not only that, accompanied with my vision, my greatest merit is when I see doctors and engineers growing up to be intellectual citizens with good capability of handling life. Starting off with my own institute, “SATHI House of Education” with only two students for my first ever theory batch on 14th February 2000, crowds started to venture in when days passed. My institute couldn’t hold more than a hundred students and I had to search for other institutes to teach.

School Teaching

School teaching was new to me but as I progressed I wanted to get that experience. After all you regret only the chances you didn’t take, so there I went and took my opportunity. Starting off at Ladies College, I was invited by many other schools from which I taught at St. Bridgets, Lyceum International, Good Shepherd and Musaeus College.

Masters in Physics

While the entire hullabaloo I completed my Masters in Physics and started more classes in Negombo and Gampaha. It was amazing to see how much students appreciated me helping them and raising their confidence to face exams and face life. I was a counselor and a teacher in both forms and guided students in every possible way. Leading English medium Physics teacher, being this person was a gift of all sorts that I forever cherish because of the amount of students I’m able to teach. Started from 2 students around the dinning table, more than 500 students in a batch is a long journey. Thousands of Engineers and Doctors will be produced in the future too.

I am who I am because of how I started. Amidst many insults and discouragement I am here because I know who I am. My advice to you is never give up on you because you are the best thing that can ever happen to you!